What Causes Breast Asymmetry & How Can You Fix It?


Just about all women have breasts that are slightly asymmetrical, so if you’ve noticed that your “girls” are more like sisters than twins, you’re definitely not alone. Of course, there are levels of asymmetry, and noticeably uneven breast size can lead to self-esteem or confidence issues. There are many possible reasons for a significant difference in size, and also a variety of solutions that can help you achieve a balanced figure.

Common Causes of Breast Asymmetry

As most body parts aren’t symmetrical, a slight difference in breast sizes is unlikely to be down to anything other than nature, in the same way that your legs are slightly different lengths and your eyebrows aren’t quite even. After all, there’s no such thing as perfect.

A breastfeeding baby’s preference may alter the size of one breast, as can your left- or right-handedness. Your breasts could appear unevenly sized if your body is out of alignment due to sleeping position or posture.

While asymmetry is normal, visit your doctor for any sudden changes in breast appearance.

Solutions for Breast Asymmetry

The best solution for mild breast asymmetry will depend on the reasons behind the uneven sizes. For example, if your body is out of alignment, a chiropractor may be the answer.

If you have a significant difference in breast size, you may wish to opt for a surgical solution, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction to even your measurements up. If this sounds like the best choice for you, your first step should be to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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What Causes Breast Asymmetry & How Can You Fix It?
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What Causes Breast Asymmetry & How Can You Fix It?
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