Lip Implants

If your lips have thinned out due to age or lifestyle factors, or have always been naturally thinner than you’ve wanted, you may benefit from the permanent results of lip implants. During lip implant surgery, an implant is inserted into the lips, adding fullness to thin lips and enhancing the overall facial appearance.

Dr. Alexander Nein is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in lip implants. Dr. Nein’s diverse professional background includes not only extensive medical training, but also engineering experience. The combination of these two areas gives him an informed aesthetic eye for creating natural looking cosmetic results. In addition to lip implants, Dr. Nein offers a full range of cosmetic procedures for both the face and body, helping men and women look their best throughout the Nashville, Tennessee area.

If you’re ready to learn more, please contact us online today, or call 615-327-0201 to schedule your lip implant consultation at our Nashville plastic surgery practice. We have patients travel to us from all parts of Tennessee including Franklin, Clarksville, Murfreesboro and other communities.

Considering Lip Implants?

Most people considering lip implants are unhappy with the volume of their lips. The lips can be a significant enhancing feature of the face and full lips can increase your sense of attractiveness and self-confidence. Thin lips can also be a hereditary sign of aging, although some people naturally have thin lips even at a young age.

The ideal candidates for lip implants are men or women who are in good overall physical and mental health and have realistic expectations about their results. While temporary lip enhancement can be achieved through injectable fillers, lip implants offer a permanent solution to plumping lip volume. You can see examples of the real results that are possible with lip implants in our before & after photo gallery.

At A Glance
Procedure Length 1 hour
Anesthesia Local
In/Outpatient Outpatient
Side Effects Minor temporary swelling and bruising. Soreness for the first few days after surgery.
Risks Bleeding. Uneven upper and lower lips. Implants can shift or break through the skin. Need for revision surgery.
Recovery 1 to 3 days
Duration of Results Long-lasting. It is possible that implants may need subsequent care.

Before & After Photos

Our patients share their before and after photos with you.

Planning Your Surgery

The initial step in planning your lip implant surgery is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nein. During your consultation, you can discuss your goals for lip implants with Dr. Nein, as well as any concerns that you may have. You can also ask him any questions about the procedural details.

Dr. Nein will conduct a physical evaluation and review any variables that may affect the end results of your lip implant surgery. This may include lifestyle habits, your skin condition, your age, or any medications that you are currently taking. Dr. Nein will go over any pre-operative instructions, such as avoiding certain blood-thinning medications or abstaining from tobacco and alcohol.

He will also explain in detail the steps that will be taken during your lip implant surgery, including going over the exact placement of the incisions and helping you to decide on the implant size that best fits your goals. If you are combining lip implants with any additional procedures, Dr. Nein will discuss the relevant details and information so you know what to expect when adopting a combination approach. Finally, Dr. Nein will review cost information, anesthesia, risks and limitations of your lip implants with you.

Although your consultation with Dr. Nein is a great time to ask him any questions regarding your lip implant surgery, you may think of additional questions at another time. This is very common, and we’re happy to support you through every step of the preparation, surgery and recovery to ensure that your experience is optimal.

Your Recovery & Results

After your surgery, your lips will be swollen temporarily and you may experience some bruising, along with a feeling of tenderness to the touch and soreness that may last a few days. Any discomfort can easily be treated with basic oral medications.

While the healing process can vary for each individual, lip implants typically do not require a long period of downtime. Most patients take at least a couple of days away from work to wait for the swelling to subside, which can be helped along with a cool compression pack. Once the swelling dissipates, you should take care not to bump, bite or otherwise disturb your lips for a couple of weeks.

Lip implants should help your lips look fuller than they were before, enhancing the balance of your facial features. Lip implants may also help to smooth out wrinkles around the mouth as well as improve the shape of your lips. Many mature patients feel that lip implants help them appear more youthful, while lip implant patients of any age can enjoy greater self-confidence along with a sexier look that’s much longer-lasting than lip enhancement achieved with injectable fillers.

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