Cosmetology Trends 2023

Written on May 5, 2023 at 04:00 pm

The last ten years have been tough. We've lived through silicone busts the size of globes, eyelashes, and orange self-tanner. Even if there was a correction with fillers, breast augmentation, or anti-aging care: the main thing is that it looks natural. Every year, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists improve their skills in correcting appearance so that a person looks natural.

Of the best materials for a cosmetologist, hyaluronic acid will remain, and of the procedures - correction with fillers. This is one of the few ways to fill in facial wrinkles or adjust the chin so that a person looks natural.

Naturalness is the main trend that sets the vector for the development of cosmetology. We hope we never go back to silicone in every part of the body, self-tanner, and huge eyelashes.

The Main Trends of 2023: From the DNA of Cosmetics to Robotic Services

Cosmetics based on DNA

Every year, manufacturers try to improve the effectiveness of cosmetic products. Until recently, the main problem was that synthetic molecules are not synthesized with natural ones, which are produced by the body. Therefore, the introduction of hyaluronic acid or injections of collagen did not have a lasting effect. What can we say about cosmetic products?

However, American scientists have found a good development vector and have already presented the first developments of genetic cosmetics. These are cosmetics that are produced individually for a person based on a DNA test. The online system analyzes your genetic composition, and the manufacturer creates individual cosmetics for you based on the data.

Now it is the most effective that can be found in the cosmetology market. Of course, the body will not perceive such cosmetics as its own natural molecules, but their effectiveness can be many times higher compared to selective brands.

Robotic treatment programs

Imagine that when you come to the salon, you are manicured by a robot equipped with 3D scanners, mini cameras, super sensitive sensors, and everything to make your jacket perfect. And they will make it twice as fast as your master. It sounds fantastic, but this is another trend in the cosmetology market, the essence of which is simple: to deprive the master of routine work. For example, eyelash extensions or manicures.

The active development of such artificial intelligence indicates that people strive for speed. Services such as manicures and pedicures are no longer worth spending hours on. Therefore, such services as "manicure in 4 hands" and others, which can significantly save time, will only gain popularity.

Customer Awareness

A trend that is seen in so many areas: is the desire of the client to know everything. If earlier it was enough for a person to simply come to the salon and trust the beautician, now more and more clients want to know what is included in the products, why the specialist offers this particular technology, and how it affects the skin. And this trend will only grow in popularity. Therefore, it makes sense to build relationships with customers as transparently and informatively as possible.

Male care

We continue to change our ideas about courage and femininity, and every year we perceive men at depilation and manicure more calmly. Thus, a good foundation is being laid for the male cosmetology market. So, for example, many famous men begin to actively create their own brands of cosmetics (like J. Lo's ex-boyfriend), visit cosmetologists and take care of themselves.