PIP Breast Implants

PIP Breast Implants

There has been some discussion in the press recently concerning the safety of PIP breast implants. In particular, PIP breast implants and those manufactured by ROFIL Medr do not meet medical safety standards.

The following is an excerpt from a statement released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “During a recent French governmental inspection of breast implants manufactured by PIP and ROFIL Medro since 2001, health authorities have discovered that most are filled with industrial grade silicone that does not meet the same stringent quality requirements as medical grade silicone. The rupture rate of these implants appears to be five times higher as compared to other implants. This means that they do not meet legal requirements or industry standards. Due to the high risk of rupture and subsequent release and distribution of silicone gel, PIP breast implants have been prohibited in Europe since April 2010 where more than 1,000 cases of ruptured PIP breast implants have been reported already. The total number of patients with PIP breast implants is estimated at 30,000.”

It is important for all of our patients to know that we have NEVER USED PIP or ROFIL Medro implants in any of our patients at any time. Further, for women who have breast implants but are not patients of ours, please be aware that although PIP did sell breast implants in the U.S., the implants that are of concern were never sold or implanted in the U.S.

We only use breast implants manufactured by Mentor or Allergan (formerly McGhan). These are the two largest and best breast implant manufactures in the world. Both of them are American companies and make extremely good, safe breast implants. These implants are manufactured in the U.S. under strict FDA quality control. You may rest assured that if you received breast implants through our practice or if you have either of these implants from elsewhere, that you have breast implants of the highest quality.

Any product that we use in our practice is of the highest quality, from reliable sources (industry leading manufacturers) manufactured in the U.S. We never use any product that has not been fully scrutinized and approved by the FDA.

If you have any questions concerning this issue or breast augmentation in general please do not hesitate to call us at 615-327-0201 or e-mail at [email protected]

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