How to Part Ways with Your Sun-Damaged Skin This Fall

179136227Summer is great, but it can be tough on your skin. Even if you’re slathered up with the right type of sunscreen all summer, your skin might not feel quite up to snuff when fall rolls around.

Here’s how to get rid of sun-damaged skin and take care of your complexion come fall.       

Chemical Peels

Fall is the perfect time to start taking your exfoliation seriously and sloughing off those sun-damaged summer skin cells. Chemical peels can help to do this by encouraging skin to evenly shed its dead cells, while microdermabrasion physically removes dead cells with the help of a diamond-tipped wand.

Make sure to keep your skin adequately moisturized in the fall months, especially after exfoliating.


For healing sun-damaged skin from within, microneedling could be the med spa treatment you need. An increasingly popular med spa treatment, ultrafine needles are used to create controlled, tiny perforations in the skin. Microneedling is intended to trigger your skin’s natural healing process, and could help topical products absorb more easily.     

High-Quality Skin Care Products

Up your game with high-quality, medical-grade skin care products chosen especially for you and your skin care needs with the help of a professional. The right moisturizers, cleansers and toners can help your skin transition into the cooler, drier fall months and recover from that summer sun.


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How to Part Ways with Your Sun-Damaged Skin This Fall
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How to Part Ways with Your Sun-Damaged Skin This Fall
Plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein shares exactly how Nashville locals can get rid of summer's sun-damaged skin to look your best this fall.
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Nein Plastic Surgery
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