Fillers Can Slow Skin Aging

A recent study has found that it may be possible to slow the aging process of skin down by injection with dermal fillers. The process boosts the support of the structures that hold up the skin. Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Medicine have found that the supporting structures or scaffolding of the skin becomes fragmented with age. Fibroblasts (cells in the body that among ot....Read More

Millions of People Get Soft Tissue Fillers

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that approximately 1.8 million procedures using soft tissue fillers (collagen, Juvederm, Sculptra, Radiessee, etc.) were performed in 2010 to enhance the aesthetic appearance of patient faces. Facial enhancement with soft tissue fillers is an in-office outpatient procedure done with local anesthesia. The procedures take only a few minutes, last fo....Read More