How Earlobe Surgery Can Revitalize Your Appearance

Many find it surprising to learn that their ears continue to grow slowly throughout their lives. Some people find that enlarged, stretched or torn earlobes can distract from the appearance of their face. Earlobe reduction and earlobe repair are both simple procedures designed to restore a more youthful, natural look to the ears. Age-Related Changes The cartilage that makes up the frame of the ear ....Read More

Cosmetic Surgery for Men over 40

Plastic surgery is often thought of as being strictly for women, but lately more men have been catching on to the benefits that can be offered by a well-performed cosmetic procedure. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that not only is cosmetic surgery in men on the rise, but there's been a 273 percent increase overall in the number of male cosmetic procedures since 19....Read More

How to Decrease Swelling after Cosmetic Surgery

Updated for 2018 The body reacts to any injury with a series of chemical signals that direct exactly how the response to the injury will take place. Although each injury is unique, there are some consistent processes that....Read More

Age Limit for Cosmetic Surgery

drneinAward5-1 Age itself is not a barrier to having cosmetic surgery. The most important factor is your health status. There is no shortage of people your age and older who are healthy and vibrant and would do well with such a procedure. Talk to your plastic surgeon to see if....Read More

Ready to Wear Shorts and Swimsuits?

If the answer to this question is no, due to unsightly veins on your legs, we have the solution for you! Dr. Nein now offers laser vein therapy to get rid of those pesky veins that keep you from enjoying summer clothing and activities. Laser vein therapy is easy, fast and effective for the treatment of superficial veins. It can even be used on the face. Downtime is almost zero, recovery is immedia....Read More

Will Diet or Exercise Get Rid of Excess Skin?

Unfortunately, there is no diet or exercise that will get rid of excess skin. The skin has some elasticity and will contract to a certain extent after it has been stretched such as after pregnancy or after weight loss. But after the skin has contracted as much as it can there is no addition exercise or diet that will cause it to contract any further. The only way to get rid of excess skin is to re....Read More

Cosmetic Surgery Tax

Just in case you haven't yet raised your objections to your elected officials about the proposed 5% "Botax", which was inserted into the proposed national health legislation, we have a couple of easy ideas for to help you respond, assuming you wish to. Allergan has taken the bull by the horns and, in cooperation with many medical associations, has created a website called Stop Cosmetic Tax (htt....Read More