Breast Augmentation without Breast Lift

breast aug liftMost women that come to our practice requesting a breast augmentation do very well with that procedure alone. Some women however, also have some breast sag and believe that a breast augmentation alone will improve the sagging. If the amount of sag is less than an inch then it is often possible to get good results without the need for a breast lift.

If the amount of breast sag is more than an inch and especially if the nipples are at or below the bottom breast crease (fold), then a breast lift is really needed. Simply adding breast implants will not raise the breasts or the position of the nipple location. It will look as though the breasts are simply hanging off the front of the implants. In fact the final appearance may be worse than the look without implants.

A breast lift may performed at the same time as a breast augmentation to correct both the nipple position along with the shape of the breast and the breast volume. It is also possible to perform a breast lift first and then at a later date come back and add implants. Generally it is unwise, for the reasons stated above, to place implants and then have the breast lift done at a later date.

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