4 Possible Breast Implant Complications and How to Avoid Them

Breast augmentation is the

most popular plastic surgery procedure performed in America today, and for good reason. Yet while breast enlargement is considered a low risk surgery, it’s still important to educate yourself about these four possible complications.

1. Capsular Contracture

  • It’s normal for scar tissue to form around breast implants, but in some cases, the scar tissue may become excessive, tighten around the implant and harden. This is known as capsular contracture. The exact cause of capsular contracture is unknown although there are several theories. The best way to prevent capsular contracture is by ensuring that your surgeon is board certified and safety-conscious.

2. Implant Malposition

A change in implant position can occur due over-dissection of the implant pocket during breast augmentation. Again, the best way to limit the chance of this complication from occurring is to take your time in choosing an excellent plastic surgeon.

3. Implant Leak or Rupture

In the event of an outer shell breach, saline implants usually leak quickly, causing the implant to deflate and creating an obvious change in breast size. Silicone gel is thicker in order to stay put even if there’s a rupture in the outer shell, but should still be replaced if a leak is suspected.

The most common cause of leaks or ruptures is stress on folds in implants or damage that occurs during the implantation process. Surgical skill can help alleviate concerns over both of these issues.

4. Revision Surgery

While not a complication itself, breast revision surgery is most commonly performed to resolve complications from a previous breast augmentation. Implant revision can be done to correct the above concerns, or simply to make a change in implant size. The best way to avoid revision surgery is to make sure all goes as well as possible the first time around.

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