3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Breast Implant Size

shutterstock_110297801Women seeking breast augmentation today have hundreds of options when it comes to breast implants. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine the best breast implant for you, especially when it comes to size. Here are three tips to help you settle on the breast implant size that can enhance your overall figure.

1. Think Proportional

Don’t focus on attaining a certain cup size, which can vary depending on your band size and the bra manufacturer. Instead, assess your body type and consider what implant volume would look best with your shape and provide balance.

If you have a small frame and less breast tissue, a large implant may look unnatural. The added weight could also affect your back and posture. The size and position of your natural breasts can also be considered to ensure there is enough tissue to cover the implant and the base of the implant is the right width for your body.

2. Factor In Your Lifestyle

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle when deciding on breast implant size. Do you play sports? Are you a runner? If you are physically active, opting for larger implants could be a hassle and potentially impact your enjoyment as you participate in those activities. That’s why many athletic women choose a more subtle enhancement so they can continue to enjoy their hobbies.

3. Choose a Skilled Surgeon

Finding a skilled surgeon is the key to ensuring that you end up with the perfect implant size for you. A plastic surgeon can walk you through what your breast augmentation will and will not do, offer recommendations and educate you on how to make the best decisions for your goal results.

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3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Breast Implant Size
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3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Breast Implant Size
Nashville breast augmentation specialist Dr. Alexander Nein shares some tips for how women can pick the perfect breast implant size for them.
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