3 Reasons to Revisit Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

200275408-001.jpgAlthough breast implants can offer very long-lasting results, they aren’t meant to last a lifetime. In fact, seeing your plastic surgeon 10 to 15 years after your initial breast augmentation can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should look forward to reuniting with your plastic surgeon.

1. To Take Advantage of Advancements in Breast Implants

Surgical techniques and materials are constantly advancing, and plastic surgery is no exception. While you may have had to choose between saline and silicone implants for your breast augmentation, there is now another revolutionary option available.

The IDEAL® implant is a saline implant with a series of nested inner shells to offer the benefits of both traditional saline and silicone implants. These new implants are available through a limited network of board-certified plastic surgeons, so be sure to work with a practice that offers this innovative implant option.

2. To Update Your Look

   The current trend in breast augmentation is toward smaller, more modest implant sizes, so you may decide to update your implants to match this more natural look.

Breast revision surgery is a great opportunity to update your look by changing the size or type of implant used, as well as possibly adding a breast lift to your procedure to address any sagging skin that may have occurred.

3. To Ensure Quality Results

While breast enhancement is a very common procedure that can yield long-lasting results, checking in with your plastic surgeon can help to ensure that there are no imperfections with your implants that may lead to quality or safety concerns. Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon over the lifespan of your breast implants to ensure lovely, long-term results.

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3 Reasons to Revisit Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon
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3 Reasons to Revisit Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon
When do you need breast revision surgery? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville lists 3 reasons to consider updating your breast implants.
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