Why Your Closest Friend May Be Your Compression Garment after Lipo

After your liposuction procedure, you and your compression garment are going to get close. Real close. That’s because your compression garment is going to be your best friend, your closest ally and your support, literally and figuratively, during your liposuction recovery. Wearing the garment consistently is one of the greatest liposuction recovery tips you’ll hear. Here’s why.

Less Swelling

Wearing your compression garment consistently after your liposuction could help keep swelling at bay. Edema fluids trapped beneath the skin after surgery can cause swelling and compression garments encourage your body to absorb them faster than it would without assistance.

Better Results

One of the best liposuction recovery tips to maximize the results of your surgery is to wear your compression garment for as long as your surgeon recommends. The support of the garment helps your body form to its new contours and promotes skin contraction after lipo. This can mean a smoother, tighter liposuction final result.

Get Cozy with You Compression Garment

Your surgeon will discuss with you exactly how long you need to wear your compression garment after liposuction, but you should be prepared to strap in for at least a few weeks – maybe even a few months. The length of time you’ll need to wear it will depend on your individual healing and the scope of your procedure.