If your eyelashes have thinned due to age, or you naturally have light, sparse eyelashes, you may be interested in learning what LATISSE® solution can do for you. LATISSE® is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker, allowing you to enjoy the youthful and enhanced appearance created by accentuated eyelashes.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein offers a range of nonsurgical med spa treatments, including LATISSE®. In addition to LATISSE® for eyelashes, Dr. Nein offers a full complement of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the body and face, bringing out the best in men and women throughout Nashville, Tennessee.

If you’re ready to learn more, please contact us online today, or call 615-327-0201 to schedule your LATISSE® consultation at our Nashville plastic surgery practice. We have patients travel to us from all parts of Tennessee including Franklin, Clarksville, Murfreesboro and other communities.


Considering LATISSE®?

The best candidates for LATISSE® are those who would like to grow naturally thicker, darker and longer eyelashes. Candidates should not have certain eye problems, such as uveitis or conjunctivitis, should not be at risk for macular edema, or have severe allergies or skin infections of the upper eyelid. Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to wait until they have weaned before using the product.

At A Glance
Procedure Length 1 to 2 minute application daily for 12 to 16 weeks or as recommended
Side Effects If the product gets into the eyes, eyes may itch, become temporarily reddened or dry.
Risks Permanent brown pigmentation of the iris is possible.
Downtime None
Duration of Results Results will last as long as the patient continues to use the product. If the patient ceases to use the product, eyelashes will gradually return to their natural state.

Planning for LATISSE®

Women or men who are interested in growing fuller, thicker and darker eyelashes are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nein. Because LATISSE® is not available over-the-counter, it is only possible to attain after consulting with a medical professional. During your consultation, Dr. Nein will discuss the effects of LATISSE® with you and go over any variables that may impact your results.

Dr. Nein will also ask you if you have any health conditions that may affect the use of LATISSE®, such as glaucoma or ocular hypertension. He will explain how to use the product and advise you of any side effects.

Your Results

After using LATISSE® daily for 12 to 16 weeks, you should see an increase in your eyelash length, thickness, fullness, and darkness, although individual results may vary.

In a follow-up visit to Dr. Nein, he may recommend that you reduce application of the product to every two nights if ideal results have been attained. Once you reach your optimal results, you can enjoy the sensually enhanced look of fuller, thicker and sexier eyelashes, bringing out the best in your facial features.

LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancement
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LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancement
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Dr. Alexander Nein,
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Telephone No.(615) 327-0201
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein offers LATISSE eyelash enhancement for fuller, thicker and darker eyelashes at his Nashville practice.