Breast Reduction

If you feel that your breasts are disproportionate to your figure due to generous volume or experience ongoing back, neck or shoulder pains because of overly large breasts, a breast reduction can offer a solution. In breast reduction surgery, breast tissue is removed to create a smaller, natural looking breast shape while the remaining tissue is reshaped and lifted.

Dr. Alexander Nein is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement, including breast reduction surgery. His cosmetic surgery expertise combines his background of medical training and engineering, providing him with an eye for creating aesthetic and natural looking results. In addition to breast reduction, Dr. Nein offers a full range of cosmetic surgeries for the face and body, helping men and women achieve their appearance goals throughout the Nashville, Tennessee area.

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Considering Breast Reduction?

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are in good overall physical and mental health and have realistic expectations about their results. The majority of breast reduction candidates feel that their breasts are too large for their body or suffer from chronic pain that having smaller breasts could reduce. Additionally, some women with an athletic or particularly active lifestyle prefer smaller breasts.

A breast reduction is not only about reducing the size of breasts. The procedure also reshapes the remaining tissue and lifts the breasts to a higher position on the torso, similar to the results achieved with a breast lift. This is a particularly important step because women with large breasts often suffer from ptosis, or sagging. A breast reduction can also reposition the nipples and resize the areolas if needed.

The best breast reduction results are seen in women who feel that their breast size is disproportionately large compared to their figure or their goal appearance. Generally, young women are advised to wait until they’ve fully developed before undergoing breast reduction, but exceptions can be made if breasts are especially cumbersome. Women who intend to breastfeed in the future should be aware that breast reduction could compromise the milk ducts.

You can see examples of the real results that are possible after a breast reduction in our before & after photo gallery.

At A Glance
Procedure Length 3 to 4 hours
Anesthesia General
In/Outpatient Outpatient.
Side Effects Temporary soreness, initial swelling and bruising. Temporary changes in breast sensitivity and nipple sensation.
Risks Sensitivity changes in breast skin or nipples may be permanent. Adverse scarring. Surgery may affect future ability to breastfeed.
Recovery Back to work: A few days. Back to more active exercise: A month or more.
Duration of Results Long-lasting, although breasts will continue changing in response to weight fluctuations and age-related factors.

Before & After Photos

Our patients share their before and after photos with you.

Planning Your Surgery

The first step in planning your breast reduction surgery is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nein. During this time, you can discuss your goals for breast reduction with Dr. Nein, as well as any concerns you may have.

Dr. Nein will conduct a physical evaluation and review any factors that may impact your end results, such as medications you’re currently taking, your skin condition, lifestyle habits and any plans for expanding your family.

He will also explain the details of the surgery itself, including incision placement, achieving your ideal breast size by removing the proper amount of tissue and the new location of your nipples and areolas. He will provide you with a breakdown of all costs, risks and procedural steps.

While your consultation is a great time to ask any questions regarding your surgery, preparation and recovery, you may think of more questions or concerns at another time. In that case, we are happy to assist you through every step of your surgery to ensure that you have an optimal experience.

Your Recovery & Results

Following your surgery, your breasts will appear swollen and may develop bruising. You may experience some discomfort for the first several days, but most patients find that this can easily be controlled with basic oral medications. Dr. Nein will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions, including the use of a supportive bra.

The healing process varies for each patient, but in general, you can expect to return to work within a few days. However, strenuous activities should be avoided for a month or more. Over the several weeks following surgery, the swelling and bruising will subside and you should be able to see your final results.

Deborah’s Breast Reduction Story

“I had large breasts as long as I can remember. I developed earlier than my friends and got to be much larger. Some of my high school classmates used to tease me about my chest size. I had a hard time with sports because they were always in the way – running was almost impossible unless I held them down with sometimes two sports bras.”

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Your breasts should be smaller and lighter after a breast reduction, along with a firmer texture, improved shape and natural-looking nipple placement. Women often feel that their new breast size is proportionate, comfortable and more attractive. With smaller breasts, you can enjoy a wider range of wardrobe options and physical activities, as well as greater self-confidence.

Still have questions? See our Breast Reduction FAQ page.

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