Is There Such a Thing as a “Perfect” Breast Shape?

According the vast majority of men, women and plastic surgeons who took part in 2014 study published in the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is a perfect breast shape.

Researchers surveyed 1,315 people, including 53 plastic surgeons, and asked them to rate the attractiveness of different breast shapes. 87 percent of women in their 30s, 76 percent of women older than 40, 90 percent of men and 94 percent of plastic surgeons all picked the breast shape with a 45:55 ratio between the upper pole and the lower pole as the most aesthetically appealing.

What “Perfect” Looks Like

The perfect breast shape is fuller below the nipple than above. The 45:55 ratio means that 45 percent of the breast tissue lies above the nipple in the upper pole and 55 percent is in the lower pole, below the nipple.

Both men and women said they preferred the 45:55 ratio because it looked “more natural” than a fuller upper pole.

Finding Your Perfect Shape

Although researchers have found the magic number, the “perfect” breast shape is really whatever shape works for you and brings out the best in your natural features. A different ratio may complement and balance your figure better than the 45:55 ratio.

A skilled plastic surgeon can help you find the right breast implant that delivers the optimal shape for you and has a very natural look and feel. After all, breast augmentation isn’t about trying to achieve an unattainable ideal of perfection; it’s about finding what’s perfect for you.