How Does Your Mons Pubis Factor into Your Tummy Tuck?

Updated for 2021

The mons pubis refers to the upper pubic area. This region can be of concern for tummy tuck patients who worry that tightening and flattening their tummy will result in an accentuated pubic mound.

Here’s why the mons pubis matters for your tummy tuck results.

Unwanted Bulge

Some women who have tummy tucks may store excess fatty tissue in this region, which can create a discernable bulge when contrasted with a slimmer abdomen.

Additionally, if you have skin sagging, your pubic region may have baggy skin and excess fatty tissue much like your midsection that should be addressed during your tummy tuck.

Swollen Mons Pubis during Recovery

Because your tummy tuck will result in some swelling around the site of the incision, it’s completely normal for your upper pubic region to seem larger than normal immediately following your surgery. Try to be patient as your body heals and you anticipate your final results. Your mons pubis swelling should subside after several weeks following your surgery.