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What medications do I need to stop taking prior to surgery?

How often do I use ice/cold after surgery and when do I start?

How long does the swelling last?

When can I get the incisions wet?

When can I return to normal activities including driving?

When can I return to my regular exercise routine?

How long should I take off work?

Are there any stitches to be removed after surgery?

What medications do you prescribe for breast augmentation?

Do I need to have a mammogram prior to the surgery?

Do I need to purchase any bras prior to surgery? Will I need to wear a sports bra, underwire, or no bra after surgery?

How long do breast implants last?

Do my implants have a warranty?

Does smoking affect the healing process? Do I need to quit before surgery, and if so, how long should I be smoke-free before the surgery?

Will my breasts feel natural to me, as well as my significant other?

Will I be able to breast feed, and does the nipple/areola incision decrease my chances of breast feeding?

Will my implants lose their shape and/or sag, after a long period of time?

Is there anything I can do to help my incision heal better?

Will I lose sensitivity in my breasts/nipples? What are the odds of this being permanent?

What type of implant do you recommend saline or silicone?

What are the possible risks of breast implant surgery?

Are there possible breast implant complications that I should be aware of?

Will I have general anesthesia and will a certified anesthesiologist administer it?

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Is breast surgery risky?

Is breast enlargement painful?

What types of breast implants are there?

Are silicone breast implants safe?

Can I breast feed after breast enlargement?

Do I still get mammograms after breast enlargement?

What is capsular contracture?

Why don’t my breast sizes match?

Will breast procedures leave a scar?

What is a mommy makeover?


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