Will Insurance Cover Your Breast Reduction?

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You may not consider a breast reduction to be a cosmetic or elective surgery, but your health insurer might.

Here are some tips to get your health insurance company to agree that your breast reduction is medically necessary and should be covered under your existing healthcare policy.

Keep Documentation of Your Breast-Related Problems

The desire to have a breast reduction often goes beyond aesthetic motivations and is rooted in ongoing physical discomfort that can result from having large breasts. Insurers won’t just take your word for it when it comes to explaining how your large breasts have a negative impact on your health and quality of life, though.

Work with your primary care physician and any other specialists you visit to establish a paper trail that documents the health problems you’re having and how they’re directly linked to the size of your breasts. Remember, a breast reduction must be deemed medically necessary in order to be covered, so think of yourself as a lawyer who’s gathering evidence to support your case.

Preparing yourself for some of the potential insurance policy roadblocks can help make for a smoother, faster process.

Understand Your Policy

Take the time to fully educate yourself on what your policy covers and what specific guidelines must be met in order for your insurer to cover a breast reduction. There will likely be many hoops to jump through during your journey to have your breast reduction covered under your policy.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon with the Right Support Staff

Having a staff that has successfully helped women get their breast reductions covered by insurance should be a must-have when choosing your plastic surgeon. A support staff with experience dealing with insurers and breast reduction can be an invaluable ally in your efforts to enjoy a more proportionate figure.

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Will Health Insurance Cover Your Breast Reduction?
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Will Health Insurance Cover Your Breast Reduction?
Updated for 2019. Nashville plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein gives advice on how to get your health insurance provider to pay for your breast reduction.
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