Will a Breast Lift Decrease Breast Volume?

A breast lift alone does not appreciably reduce the breast volume. When performing a breast lift alone the breast tissue is repositioned and reshaped to improve the appearance and form of the breast. There is a small amount of skin removed but that volume is minimal – usually less than the volume of a ping pong ball. Thus the actual size and volume of the breast remains essentially the same.

There is, however, a visual illusion that the breast is smaller. Prior to a breast lift, the breast usually has little projection and usually does have some sag which makes the breast appear taller/longer and wider (therefore larger). When the mastopexy is performed, the breast is lifted, the shape is developed to create more projection and the width tends to be narrowed slightly. When looking at the breast it may “appear” smaller even though only a minimal amount of skin has been removed.

A mastopexy does also give the woman the option to have some breast tissue removed to decrease the size of the breasts if this is desired. Similarly, if there is a noticeable difference in size, some of the excess tissue from the larger breast can be removed to make the breasts more even or symmetrical in size.

The primary objective of a mastopexy is to reshape the breast, restore projection and recreate a more youthful “perky” appearance to the breast. This is an extremely popular procedure for women who have suffered from sagging of the breasts as a result of pregnancy and/or weight fluctuations. The results are normally quite pleasing and women tend to be very happy with the results. Overall, recovery from this outpatient procedure is rapid and comparatively pain free. Normal daily activities can usually be resumed after about a week provided a good brassiere is worn to offer comfortable support and minimize movement of the breasts.

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