Why Liposuction Can’t Help Your Cellulite

153757881Liposuction can be an effective way to remove deposits of the stubborn subcutaneous fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and create a sleeker silhouette. Lipo isn’t an effective treatment, though, for the dimpled skin caused by cellulite, and that’s due to a few different reasons.

Lipo Isn’t the Right Tool

Lipo targets subcutaneous fat and can be the right choice for body contouring, but cellulite is caused by fat in a different spot. Cellulite happens when fat puts pressure on the fibrous cords that connect your skin to your muscles. The extra fat pushes up on your skin while the cords pull down, creating the characteristic dimples. This fat lies just below the surface of your skin whereas lipo removes fat that lies deeper down.

An Effective Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina™ cellulite treatment can smooth dimpled skin in a single procedure and the results can last for up to 2 years. Cellfina™ works by using a small needle-like device to release the tension on these cords and allow your skin to sit evenly on top of the fat.

Cellfina™ is a minimally invasive 45-minute procedure that can be performed with a local anesthetic in your plastic surgeon’s office. You can resume your normal activities immediately.

You should see smoother skin within 3 days after a Cellfina™ treatment and may notice even better results after several days or a few weeks. The vast majority of people are still satisfied with their results 2 years later.

What Cellfina™ Doesn’t Do

Cellfina™ is a very specific procedure for a specific issue. If you want to eliminate excess fat or improve the look of your abdomen, a different treatment or a combination of body contouring procedures may yield the best results for you.

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Why Liposuction Can’t Help Your Cellulite
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Why Liposuction Can’t Help Your Cellulite
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville explains why liposuction can’t help cellulite and how Cellfina cellulite treatment works.
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