What’s the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

group of women friendsGetting breast implants is a big decision, so it’s only natural that you might wonder if you’re in the right age group for this procedure. But the truth is that there really is no single best age to get breast implants. In fact, there are unique benefits to breast augmentation at nearly all stages of life.

Breast Implants in Your 20s

Many women who choose to get breast implants in their 20s feel that they’d like some time to enjoy their new shape before starting a family. Even though a revision surgery may be necessary down the road, most women who get implants at this stage of life are happy with their decision.

Breast Implants in Your 30s

Your 30s can be an excellent time to start thinking about getting breast augmentation if you passed on the procedure in your 20s. For many women, their 30s is the stage of life when they’ve started families and feel they’re better able to make long-term decisions, which might have held them back fromgetting implants in their 20s. You might also consider making breast enhancement part of a mommy makeover.

If you’re at the height of your career, make sureyou can take enough time off work to recover from your procedure.

Breast Implants in Your 40s and Beyond

Lots of women in their 40s and beyond consider breast enhancement. By their 40s, most women have finished having children and may notice signs of breast aging, such as skin laxity and loss of breast volume. If this is the case for you, know that breast implants can absolutely be an option.

More so than your chronological age, your overall physical health is an important determining factor to decide if you could be a good candidate for breast implants and/or a breast lift.


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What's the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?
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What's the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?
What’s the best age to get breast implants? Nashville board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein shares his answer to this very common question.
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