What’s a “Mini” Tummy Tuck?

Our bodies go through many changes throughout life. Aging, weight increases and decreases, pregnancy, periods of exercise and periods of time when we don’t or can’t exercise as much as we should, all have an effect on the way our bodies look. Sometimes our stomach pays the price for our lifestyle and just doesn’t look the way we want it to. We’re often left with excess skin, excess fat and sometimes loose stomach muscles as well. This is where plastic surgery can play a role in getting us back to the look we want. Understand that plastic surgery is not a substitute for diet or exercise. It is a contouring and reshaping procedure, but plastic surgery can make dramatic improvements in the appearance of the stomach.

The question then becomes: What type of plastic surgery procedure should I have done to improve the look of my stomach? There are basically three different things that can be done to improve the shape and appearance of the stomach. We can perform liposuction alone, we can perform a “mini”-tummy tuck or we can do a standard tummy tuck. Each of these procedures is different and accomplishes different things and so each is best suited for different situations. It’s also important to realize that these procedures address the stomach alone but additional liposuction or other procedures can be combined to further improve the overall appearance.

Here we’ll discuss exactly what a “mini”-tummy tuck is. This is an operation which is best suited for those women who have excess skin primarily below the belly button and who don’t have too much stretching of the muscle layer. With this operation a low C-section type incision is made so any scar will be easily hidden underneath your bikini. The skin and fat is lifted off of the stomach wall up to the belly button. The muscle below the naval is then tightened (if needed). The skin that has been lifted is now stretched down and any excess skin is removed. The remaining skin is pulled down so that it is nice and smooth and the incision is closed. We commonly perform liposuction along the waist and often above the belly button to remove any excess fat from these areas as well.

With this operation loose skin from below the belly button is removed, excess fat is removed, and if necessary any looseness of the stomach muscles is tightened – all without any scar that is visible outside your bikini area. So you’re back at the pool in your two-piece looking good and feeling good about yourself. If you don’t tell anyone that you’ve had surgery, they wouldn’t be able to tell other than to notice how much better you’re looking!
Plastic surgery cannot replace healthy living but it can improve the things that diet and exercise cannot.

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