What Makes the IDEAL® Breast Implant So Ideal?

162491281.jpgThose in the ‘know’ about breast implants can tell you that implants typically fall into one of two categories: saline or silicone. Women who want to enhance their breast size and shape choose from either implant type according to their unique needs and preferences.

Breast Implant Basics

Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel, a substance that mimics natural breast tissue in look and feel. Although silicone implants enjoy widespread popularity, some women are concerned by the chance for a silent rupture or the routine MRIs recommended to monitor silicone implants.

Saline implants are empty when placed within the breast pocket and then filled with a saline solution to achieve the desired breast size. Saline implants don’t run the risk of silently rupturing, but they can develop visible ripples.

A Hybrid Design

There are benefits to both breast implant types, but what if you could combine the best features of each for an innovative breast implant? The IDEAL® implant blends the comfort of saline implants with the natural-looking results that silicone can offer for a superior effect.

The IDEAL® implant consists of a series of nested shells. The inner and outer shells are filled with saline while the middle shells are perforated and unattached. This shell geometry provides internal structure that controls the movement of saline and is designed to offer the more natural outcome associated with silicone implants.

Benefits of the IDEAL® Implant

The IDEAL® implant has a similar design to that of a silicone implant, therefore its internal structure helps to reduce the visible wrinkling that can occur with saline implants. And because there’s absolutely no silicone gel in the implants, there’s no need for routine MRIs to check for silent rupture. Women who choose IDEAL® implants can enjoy the perks that both saline and silicone implants offer.


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What Makes the IDEAL® Breast Implant So Ideal?
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What Makes the IDEAL® Breast Implant So Ideal?
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