The Top 2 Target Spots for a Mommy Makeover

iStock_000012051117Small.jpgA mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures designed to help women who have completed their families regain their pre-pregnancy figure. While a wide range of procedures can potentially be included in a mommy makeover, there are two areas that are nearly always addressed: the breasts and tummy.


During pregnancy, the breasts become engorged with milk, stretching out the skin and tissue. After weaning, the breasts can take on a deflated appearance as the breasts often reduce to their previous size, often sagging due to stretched-out skin. For some women, the breasts shrink to an even smaller size than their pre-pregnancy state. A breast lift can shift the breasts to a perkier position while implants can fill out breast volume for a more youthful figure.

On the other hand, some women don’t lose as much breast volume as they had hoped after weaning – or could gain a cup size or more. In this case, a breast reduction can bring the breasts to a smaller and more proportionate size, alleviating the weight of excess breast volume.


Carrying a child often results in stretched stomach skin and loose or separated abdominal muscles. In addition, the typical weight gain that occurs during pregnancy can linger long after the pregnancy has been completed. A tummy tuck can repair abdominal muscles and remove excess fatty tissue in the abdomen while tightening the abdominal skin for a firmer midsection.

If there are excess fatty deposits around the abdomen, including liposuction can target specific areas for permanently reduced fat cells. While liposuction is commonly used in the stomach area, particularly after pregnancy, the procedure can be performed virtually anywhere on the body.

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