Should You Bother Trying Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation?

shutterstock_30878884Nonsurgical breast enhancement may sound like a great idea but it’s all smoke and no fire. You may see a brief increase in the size your breasts after using a pill or cream but the only proven, long-term way to enlarge your breasts is through breast implants.

The Lowdown on Pills and Creams

There are a host of pills and creams that retailers claim will enhance your breasts and increase your cup size in just a few months. Many products claim to use herbs and plant-based extracts that mimic estrogen to stimulate new cell growth in your mammary glands by triggering a sort of second puberty in your body. However, there is little to no proven long-term affect of these products on breast size.

The Downfall of Vacation Breasts

Some women today opt for “vacation breasts” as a nonsurgical breast enlargement option. In this treatment, saline is injected directly into your breasts, which may feel fuller for up to a couple weeks. Your body eventually absorbs the saline and your breasts return to their normal size. This temporary breast augmentation can leave you with differently sized breasts while they deflate and has yet to be studied for long-term impact.

Breast Implants: The Only Sure Way

Implants are the only proven way to attain long-term breast augmentation results. Though surgery does require both upfront commitment and recovery time, most women are able to return to work within a few days and active exercise in about a month. Finally, surgical breast augmentation will almost certainly be less expensive in the long run than spending untold wasted dollars on products that will never accomplish the results you deserve.

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Should You Bother Trying Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation?
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Should You Bother Trying Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation?
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein weighs in on alternatives to breast implants and discusses how to achieve long-term results.
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