How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

A common question that women have regarding breast implants is “How long do they last?” I’ve had a number of patients who have come for a consultation regarding breast augmentation who have made the comment “My girlfriend told me that you have to get the implants replaced every ten years.”

There is no specific time when implants need to be replaced. Clearly, if the implant deflates or leaks it should be replaced. Other than that follow the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Having said that, breast implants are not considered lifetime devices. All mechanical devices are subject to failure (they can develop a leak) and all women who have breast implants should anticipate that at some point in their future they will have to replace one or both of them. Now when that will happen – nobody knows.

There are over two million women in this country with breast implants. Many of those women still have their original implants even from 30+ years ago. Theoretically, the implants could last your entire lifetime. The reality is that they might not and you shouldn’t count on it. At some point one or both implants may require replacement.

The good news is that all the implants that we use in this practice come with a lifetime warranty. We’ll detail that more later. For now, rest assured that breast implants do not need to be replaced on a routine basis but be aware that at some point they may all require replacement.

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