How Lipo & Breast Augmentation Could Be Even Better in 2019

Welcome to the future. We have the best smartphone technology the world has ever seen. We’re on the brink of self-driving cars. You think plastic surgery would be left behind? Of course not! It’s advancing and evolving just like every other type of technology. Read on for what’s new in plastic surgery.

Advances in Implants

Not all implants are created equal, and in 2019, the shape of breast implants is even more nuanced and advanced. While the breast implants of yore were round all over, newer implants more naturally mimic the shape of the breast, with a fuller bottom and a more anatomical shape. Saline implants are making a comeback as well, with new technology that helps avoid the dreaded ripple effect this type of implant used to be notorious for.

New Trends in Breast Augmentation

Not only have implants themselves changed, but what women want has also evolved. Breast augmentation has become less about quantity and more about quality. Women are looking for more natural looking results that complement their figure. Gone are the days of overly-large round breasts – and good riddance.

Breast enhancement surgery itself has come a long way, with smaller incisions for and new, longer-lasting results for lifts.

Liposuction in 2019

Advancements in liposuction was stagnant for some time, but new technology has raised the bar.

Breasts aren’t getting all the attention in 2019. Advancements have also been made in liposuction technology, allowing surgeons to first emulsify the fat they’re removing without heat before sucking it out. This can mean less damage to tissues as well as more even fat removal. It’s become so precise that surgeons can remove thin lines of fat to fake a six pack.

If you’ve been considering plastic surgery, there’s never been a better time in history to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nein and learn about all about what’s new in plastic surgery.

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How Lipo & Breast Augmentation Could Be Even Better in 2019
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How Lipo & Breast Augmentation Could Be Even Better in 2019
Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville, TN knows what's new in plastic surgery and has the scoop on advancements in breast augmentation and liposuction technology.
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