How Do You Pick a New Breast Size for Breast Reduction?

Having a breast reduction isn’t quite as simple as speaking to a board-certified plastic surgeon and arranging to have your breasts made smaller. For one, you’ll need to decide just how much smaller you want to go. You’ll also need to work out whether you really want smaller breasts, or if a breast lift might be the solution instead. Whichever scenario applies to you, how do you know you’re choosing the right size?

Use a Bra as a Guide

Bra sizes can vary among manufacturers, but visiting a reputable store and looking at bras of various sizes can help you to identify at least the ballpark you’d like to be in after your breast reduction.

Avoid those manufacturers who are known for vanity sizing and stick to the more traditional instead.

 But remember, although bra size is a nice place to start, putting together some “dream look” photos for your breast reduction consultation is a much more helpful measure for your plastic surgeon to gauge the type of look you’re going for.

Before & After Photos

Visit the website of a board-certified plastic surgeon you are considering working with and have a look at the before and after breast reduction photos in their gallery. Seeing a certain size, as well as the degree of change that occurred, on an actual person can help when choosing the right size. Bear in mind that your own frame can affect how the size will look on you, but it’s a great way to get a reasonable idea of where you want to be.

Speak to Your Plastic Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon can help to identify the right size for you during your breast reduction consultation. The discussion is likely to involve factors such as the smallest size that would look good on your frame, the likely effect of removing a certain amount of breast tissue and the possibility of adding a breast lift.

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How Do You Pick a New Breast Size for Breast Reduction?
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How Do You Pick a New Breast Size for Breast Reduction?
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