Has Your Weight Loss Affected Your Breast Implants?

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Many women who experience dramatic weight loss after getting breast implants feel that the results from their breast augmentation no longer match their new, slimmer proportions.

To complement and enhance your appearance after weight loss, consider updating your breast implant to bring your body’s transformation full-circle.

A Shift in Proportions

When you get a breast augmentation, you select an implant size and shape that you feel matches your body’s proportions. Losing a lot of weight can be a wonderful thing for your overall health, but it can also dramatically change your body’s shape, size, and appearance.

The implants you chose prior to shedding those extra pounds may no longer mesh with your new figure. Many women feel that swapping their implants for a different size or profile can better complement their weight loss success.

When Sagging Occurs

With or without breast implants, women often feel that their breasts can become saggy after weight loss. In fact, implants can exacerbate this problem because of the extra weight they place in the breast pocket.

A number of women find that a breast lift can be an ideal procedure after weight loss to restore the breasts to a more youthful, natural-looking location on the chest wall.

Loss of Fat Can Mean Less Camouflage

The most natural-looking breasts implants blend seamlessly with surrounding breast tissue and aren’t visible through the skin’s surface. When you lose a large amount of weight, you lose body fat, too. Some women find that their implants become more noticeable as they lose weight, as they have less fat to camouflage their implants.

If this situation sounds familiar, consult with Dr. Nein about your options. They may suggest a change in implant size or a switch to silicone implants.

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Has Your Weight Loss Affected Your Breast Implants?
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Has Your Weight Loss Affected Your Breast Implants?
(Updated for 2019) Nashville board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein explains how breast implant revision can help when a woman has experienced weight loss.
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