Foods that Can Destroy Your Diet

There are a number of foods that we commonly consume when we’re out that we presume to be lower calorie or healthier. Unfortunately, some of these either offer little to no benefit or actually are high calorie foods that just set us back. Review the following list to see if any or your regulars are included. For more details look to:

1. Caesar Salad
2. Fruit Smoothies
3. Energy bars
4. Chicken burrito
5. Sugar free foods
6. Enhanced water
7. 2% milk
8. 2% milk Latte
9. Turkey hot dogs
10. Breakfast muffins
11. Low fat granola
12. Low fat yogurt
13. Multigrain foods
14. “Light” Olive Oil
15. “Added Omega 3” foods
16. Ice tea
17. Microwave popcorn
18. Iceberg lettuce
19. Salty salad toppings
20. Cole slaw
21. A “little” trans fat
22. Banana chips
23. Cracker sandwich snacks

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