Repairing Torn or Stretched Earlobes

Women and (occasionally men) can get tears in the earlobe from ear rings. This happens commonly to new mothers who have a baby that sees the shiny ring the earlobe and grabs it. A tug and there’s a tear through the lobe. Although not an emergency, this can be repaired either soon after the injury or even months to years later. Another common situation is the stretching of the pierced ear hole. Wearing heavy ear rings over a long period of time can also cause the pierced holes to elongate. Aging also has an effect on the earlobes as well. The cartilage in the earlobes slowly grows over the period of a lifetime and causes the earlobes to slowly enlarge. (This also applies to the ears as a whole as well.)

These conditions can all be treated easily in the office under local anesthesia – usually in less than 45 minutes. A simple repair or reduction is performed. The patient can then go home and about their normal business. Later, after about six weeks, when the repair has solidly healed the ears may be re-pierced.

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