Could You See Better Results If You Train before Plastic Surgery?

2 women high fiving while working out together outside on a pier.You’ve had your consultation, you’ve decided on your surgery and you’ve scheduled your big day, but this doesn’t mean you’re done preparing. One of the most surprising plastic surgery preparation tips is to train your body and mind before you get to the operating room.

Why You Should Train Before Plastic Surgery

You wouldn’t climb a mountain before first walking a few hills, would you? While having plastic surgery isn’t Everest, preparing your body for surgery and recovery can help get it ready for the experience. According to a study from the University of Michigan, training at home before your surgery can have a positive impact on your healing.

Training Your Body

Training before plastic surgery prepares your body and mind for the procedure and recovery.

Training your body for your breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedure is like training for a 5K race. Start moving your body regularly to build strength and endurance. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking and staying hydrated. The basics of living a healthy life can go a long way in preparing for your plastic surgery.

Training Your Mind

In addition to taking care of your body, prepare yourself mentally for your plastic surgery. Do your research to understand the procedure, talk to your surgeon about any questions you might have and set realistic expectations for your recovery and results.

By following these plastic surgery preparation tips and training before your procedure, you can help yourself get into great shape for your big day. If you’re looking good and feeling good, nothing’s going to be able to stop you.


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Could You See Better Results If You Train before Plastic Surgery?
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Could You See Better Results If You Train before Plastic Surgery?
Looking for some plastic surgery preparation tips? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville, Tennessee shares the importance of training.
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