Could Liposuction Motivate You to Live Healthier?

iStock_000018120360Small.jpgBody contouring procedures like abdominoplasty and liposuction are popular options for people looking to slim down their figure and achieve the smooth, sleek physique they’ve always wanted. The truth is, though, that these procedures aren’t meant to stand in for a healthy diet and exercise. But that’s not to say that liposuction can’t motivate you to reach your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

Liposuction Addresses Only One Type of Fat

Before scheduling your liposuction procedure, it’s best to come as close as possible to reaching your target weight. That’s because liposuction only addresses the layer of subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath your skin. It can’t remove the visceral fat that surrounds your organs.

   In order to see optimum results from liposuction, it’s essential that you maintain a healthy, stable weight for several weeks prior to your surgery.

Improved Self-Esteem May Mean More Motivation

You know how looking and feeling well put-together can be a real motivator? The same can be said for your motivation to live healthier after getting liposuction. If you feel great about yourself, it’s likely that you’ll be motivated to keep up the good work to continue enjoying your liposuction results.

Pair Liposuction with Exercise for Best Results

Liposuction can offer excellent results, but that doesn’t mean that you can ditch your healthy eating and exercise habits. The best way to maintain the same smooth, sleek body shape after your procedure is to pair liposuction with regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Could Liposuction Motivate You to Live Healthier?
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Could Liposuction Motivate You to Live Healthier?
Can lipo make you healthier? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Nein of Nashville explains the connection between liposuction and exercise.
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