How Earlobe Surgery Can Revitalize Your Appearance

Many find it surprising to learn that their ears continue to grow slowly throughout their lives. Some people find that enlarged, stretched or torn earlobes can distract from the appearance of their face. Earlobe reduction and earlobe repair are both simple procedures designed to restore a more youthful, natural look to the ears. Age-Related Changes The cartilage that makes up the frame of the ear ....Read More

Can a Mammogram Damage a Breast Implant?

The short answer is that a mammogram damaging a breast implant is very unlikely. Breast implants (both saline and silicone) are highly durable. They are designed to last many, many years after implantation regardless of a woman’s activities. Everyday life carries with it the occasional injury, which can include a fall while hiking or skiing or being accidentally bumped – occasionally even....Read More

Cosmetic Surgery for Men over 40

Plastic surgery is often thought of as being strictly for women, but lately more men have been catching on to the benefits that can be offered by a well-performed cosmetic procedure. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that not only is cosmetic surgery in men on the rise, but there's been a 273 percent increase overall in the number of male cosmetic procedures since 19....Read More

3 Ways to Reduce Swelling after Your Tummy Tuck

Updated September 2018 It can feel frustrating to undergo a tummy tuck with the purpose of slimming down your waistline only to be met with post-operative swelling that obscures your new look. But you don’t have to let the puffin....Read More

Five Ways to Prevent and Heal Scars Following Plastic Surgery

Discover five ways to prevent and heal scars following a plastic surgery procedure. Scars can be a big issue for some patients who find their scar is not healing well after surgery. Poor healing scars can be due to genetics or improper wound care. According to plastic surgeons with, patients can see a visible difference in their scars’ appearance by following a few si....Read More

Everybody Wants to be a Plastic Surgeon

This is an excerpt from the presidential address of the Opening Ceremonies of 2010 ASPS President Michael McGuire, MD : “We’re one of the smallest specialties in medicine, we don’t 'own' a body part and others want to do practically everything we do – both in reconstructive as well as aesthetic plastic surgery. While seemingly everybody wants to be a plastic surgeon, most don’t bot....Read More