3 Popular Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments

smiling happy womanYou don't have to sink a ton of time into recovery just to improve a minor cosmetic concern that bothers you. Today's non-surgical treatments are easier to schedule than ever, giving you a range of option....Read More

Proof of Aging Process Slowed

The most recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine contains an article from Australian researchers in which nearly a 1000 adults under age 55 participated in a study to apply daily sunscreen to sun exposed areas (hands, arms, face, etc.). After 5 years of following these study participants, those who had followed the sunscreen regimen experienced 24% less skin aging as measured by skin textu....Read More

Factors Influencing the Appearance of Breasts in Aging

According to an article published in the September 2012 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal a study in twins revealed several factors which influence the appearance of breasts while aging. The study performed by researchers at Case Western Univ. compared identical twins to eliminate genetic influences and focused primarily on external factors. What they discovered was that moisturizing the (breast)....Read More