Can Cosmetic Surgery Be Addictive?

We’ve all heard our fair share of shutterstock_33105031strange addictions, but can cosmetic surgery be one of them? Whether they’ve had one too many BOTOX® injections, gotten too-large breast implants or altered their face so much that you’re barely recognizable, people can claim cosmetic surgery addiction. But how much cosmetic surgery counts as too much?

Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Is Extremely Rare

The truth is, strange addictions are so odd to us partially because of their rarity. True psychological addiction to the surgical alteration of your face or body is technically possible, but not probable. The majority of the time the term gets thrown around is in reference to celebrities who have had obvious work done.

Multiple Procedures Can Be Beneficial

If one cosmetic procedure is okay, how many procedures can you get before it gets deemed ‘addictive’? The answer depends on your goals. In many cases, getting multiple procedures is actually the most pragmatic decision, especially if your surgeon can combine procedures into one surgical appointment to cut down on recovery time.

For instance, combining liposuction with your tummy tuck makes for better contouring and a quicker recovery, while combining a breast lift with breast augmentation allows many women to see the best breast enhancement results.

Surgical Expertise Matters

The biggest takeaway from any claims of cosmetic surgery addiction is that surgical expertise really matters. When we point out someone’s ‘addiction’ to cosmetic surgery, it usually means their results are less than flattering. By taking the time to find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in your procedure (or procedures), you can help ensure that you’ll get excellent cosmetic results that help people admire your good looks rather than point the addiction finger.

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