Breast Lift Incisions and How They Work with Bikinis

shutterstock_17057071.jpgIf you’ve noticed a loss of perkiness in your breasts and would like to do something to combat that, a breast lift may be the answer. As with any other procedure, you’re sure to have some questions, one of which may be how any scars may look when you’re wearing a bikini. After all, it’s likely you’ll want to show off your lifted, perky profile when the sun’s out.

Wearing a Bikini after Breast Lift Surgery

An experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will use one of three incisions. As visible scarring in a bikini is a common concern amongst those considering a breast lift, discussing it with your plastic surgeon will enable you to identify the most suitable option.

Lollipop Breast Lift

This is currently the most common breast lift technique, suitable for women with moderate to significant sagging. With one incision around the areola and another from there to the breast crease, scarring will not be visible while wearing a bikini.

Benelli Breast Lift

When a breast lift uses the Benelli method, the nipple is lifted higher on the breast by a few centimeters. As with the lollipop method, this will leave no visible scarring while wearing a bikini top.

Discuss timing as well as technique with your board-certified plastic surgeon during your breast lift consultation. 

Anchor Breast Lift Incisions

This third method of carrying out breast lifts, the anchor technique may result in scars which can be seen when a bikini is worn.

Whichever technique is most suitable for your breast lift, the timing of your procedure may also play a part. Winter is a great time to have your breast lift done so that your incisions can heal well before bikini season. Not only will you have time to rest during the holidays as you recover, you will also be able to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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Breast Lift Incisions and How They Work with Bikinis
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Breast Lift Incisions and How They Work with Bikinis
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