Are Tummy Tuck Drains a Deal Breaker for You?

1215400_89460089.jpgBoth men and women who are less than happy with their abdominal regions have been opting for tummy tucks for quite some time now. Some choose the procedure after pregnancy alters their appearance, while others opt for a tummy tuck due to the effects of aging or weight fluctuations. If you’re considering a tummy tuck but the idea of having a post-surgical drain has been putting you off, a drainless tummy tuck may be the answer.

What Is a Drainless Tummy Tuck?

While traditional tummy tucks involve the insertion of a drain for around 7 days after surgery, board-certified plastic surgeons have adopted a drainless technique in recent years. Rather than placing a drain into the incision to prevent the skin from coming away from the underlying tissue, a drainless tummy tuck involves pulling the skin and suturing as the plastic surgeon works.

Drainless tummy tucks tend to be more comfortable, less painful and offer quicker recovery.

Why Go Drainless?

There are several reasons for choosing a drainless tummy tuck, a major one of which is the quicker, less uncomfortable, recovery time. A drain can be cumbersome and require a level of care too, meaning going drainless makes it easier to move around, get dressed and shower after your tummy tuck.

Aside from the comfort aspect, drainless tummy tucks generally offer better results than those using the traditional method. As your plastic surgeon will pull the skin and insert sutures while they work, a tighter tuck is achievable, potentially resulting in an even better waistline and overall shape. Drainless tummy tucks don’t introduce the “dead space” created by a drain, so there’s nowhere for unwanted fluid to gather either.

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Are Tummy Tuck Drains a Deal Breaker for You?
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Are Tummy Tuck Drains a Deal Breaker for You?
Not keen on the idea of a tummy tuck drain? Dr. Alexander G. Nein of Nashville, Tennessee explains how a drainless tummy tuck may be possible.
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