About Breast Implant Malposition

There are millions of women who have had breast augmentation. These women have improved self-esteem and generally are very pleased with their results. This operation is commonly performed with minimal risk and low complication rates. Rarely, implants can shift position from their intended location leading to unwanted changes in the appearance of the breast.

Implant malposition can lead to implants being too low: sagging, bottoming out or double bubble appearance. Sometimes they can be too close – symmastia, synmastia, uniboob. Another possibility is that they shift too far to the sides especially when lying flat. When this occurs, the nipples tilt inward, there is excessive fullness towards the side of the chest and flattening and widening of the space between the breasts.

Ideally, breast implants should be positioned so that the center of the implant sits directly behind the nipple. The implants should maintain this relative position regardless of whether you are standing up or lying down. When the implants move excessively behind the breasts, then malposition can occur. This is most commonly the result of the breast implant pocket being too large for the implant and sometimes the entire pocket is not in the correct position. When this occurs the implant does not maintain its position behind the breast and the nipple. The malposition of the implant can distort the shape of the breast.

Each of these conditions can occur individually or in combination on one or both sides. Fortunately, it is treatable with a surgical procedure to revise the breast implant pocket. In simpler cases it may be possible to modify the pocket and place some stitches in the area where the pocket needs to be tightened. In more complex cases, it may be necessary to add a biological mesh such as SERI to assist in holding the implant(s) in the proper position.

Dr. Nein has treated a number of women who have been referred for treatment of implant malposition. The advanced techniques he has used to correct these deformities have proven to be very successful. These women have been very pleased with their results and have been able to return to wearing the clothing of their choice without having to cover-up or camouflage previous breast asymmetries. These procedures are performed as an outpatient and recovery is similar to the initial breast augmentation.

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