A Secret Beauty Trick to Look Dazzling for the Holidays

It may be cool outside but the holiday season is coming on at full steam! That means holiday parties, evening office gatherings, holiday concerts and a social schedule full of activities that require form fitting, strapless, sequined, and usually sexy dresses that show your curves.

You might be thinking about spray tans, hair and make-up to help you glam up this holiday season, and all of these will certainly go a long way to making you look even more beautiful. But if a couple of those curves are standing in the way of your best look, we can help you.

Exilis is a noninvasive fat reduction system to help you tame your figure. With the holidays right around the corner, you don’t have time for surgery or recovery. With a brief in-office procedure (and that means no pain, no recovery, no needles and no slowdown in your schedule) we can reduce areas of excess fat without interfering with your holidays.

Call us now at 615-327-0201 to find out more about this amazing procedure!

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