4 Tips to Customize Your Breast Augmentation for the Best Results

shutterstock_113243173Like all cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation should be custom-tailored for each woman to ensure optimal results, and that means much more just choosing the right implant size. Here are four tips for customizing your breast augmentation so that you can feel confident about achieving a beautiful, natural looking breast enhancement.

1. Choose a Skilled Surgeon

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed nationwide, and this consistent popularity has encouraged many surgeons to offer the procedure at their practice, even if not all of them are breast augmentation specialists. Breast augmentation performed by a less experienced surgeon can result in a disappointing appearance or a higher risk of post-surgical complications.

By choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who has chosen to specialize in breast augmentation, you can help ensure that your results are cosmetically ideal, as well as enjoy a safer surgery and recovery. Look into your surgeon’s background and view real patient before-and-after photos to get an idea of the level of results your surgeon is capable of delivering.

2. Focus on the Ideal Look for Your Body Rather than a Specific Cup Size

Because women tend to think of breasts in terms of bra size, many augmentation patients can become overly focused on achieving a particular cup size after breast enlargement. But in surgical terms, breasts are measured in cubic centimeters of volume, and the same amount of volume can look different on each woman depending on a number of other factors, such as chest width, implant projection, and implant type.

While size is obviously an important consideration when it comes to choosing your perfect implant, women should aim for a specific look rather than a specific cup size. Show your surgeon photos of women with your hoped-for profile so he or she can understand the look you’re going for, and your goals won’t get lost in translation.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Too Large

Many women worry that large implants will inevitably result in an obviously artificial appearance. This is a common misconception based on outdated augmentation techniques. While some women may want a dramatic, high-profile look, others may prefer a subtle silhouette that still adds plenty of extra volume.

A skilled breast augmentation specialist should be completely capable of creating natural looking results with implants of nearly any size, as long as they’re not too physically large for your anatomy to support. A larger implant size can provide a flattering boost to your figure while maintaining a very natural appearance.

4. Consider Gummy Bear Implants

The newest generation of silicone implants, commonly referred to as gummy bear implants, broaden the possibilities for breast augmentation results. These implants are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel that many women feel more closely mimics the texture of natural breast tissue than any other implant type. The unique cohesive gel minimizes the chance of rippling, while the textured surface may reduce the chance of rotation and capsular contracture.

Gummy bear implants also come in a teardrop shape designed to resemble an organic breast shape, with the majority of volume at the bottom and a gently tapered top. While flattering breast implant results can be created with virtually any implant type on the right patient, gummy bear implants are becoming increasingly popular for women who want a naturally augmented appearance.

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