4 Nutrition Boosts to Aid Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Updated July 2018

A critical part of a successful breast augmentation is a healthy recovery. Paying close attention to what you eat and drink can help support your healing process as your new breast shape emerges.

Here are some nutritional tips to follow to keep yourself looking good and feeling great after your breast augmentation.

1. Protein for Tissue Regeneration

Eating plenty of protein-rich foods after breast augmentation can boost the recovery process. Protein can jumpstart the generation of new, healthy tissue and promote faster healing. Before your breast augmentation, stock your fridge and pantry with foods like lean meats, poultry, eggs and beans to ensure you have high-protein options while home recovering.

2. Vitamin C for Overall Immune Support

Just like your mother says, orange juice, or any food with vitamin C, helps to boost your immune system. After breast augmentation, your body is fighting to recover and ensure that no infections develop, and packing your diet with an extra boost of vitamin C can help. Stock up on orange juice, grapefruits and other fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, to make sure you get plenty of vitamin C.

3. Vitamin A for Wound Healing

Vitamin A promotes wound healing, making it an obvious nutrient to include when recovering from breast augmentation. To help your incisions heal optimally, include foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes and tropical fruits in your diet.

4. Plenty of Water

Beyond these nutritional powerhouses, the most important thing you can focus on after breast augmentation is drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated dramatically improves your body’s ability to heal, reduces swelling and flushes out excess fluid after surgery.

Breast augmentation remains one of the top plastic surgery procedures nationwide and at my practice because women love the way breast implants enhance their figures and promote self-confidence. By making sure you’re eating healthy before and after surgery, you’ll put yourself on the best path to a quick recovery.

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4 Nutrition Boosts for Recovery after Breast Augmentation
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4 Nutrition Boosts for Recovery after Breast Augmentation
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