3 Fixes for Inverted Nipples

nipple-coverMany women with inverted nipples feel self-conscious about how they look. Some women even experience difficulties breastfeeding due to the issue. If you struggle with the appearance or functionality of your inverted nipples, there are 3 fixes you can consider.

1. Manual Stimulation

While not guaranteed to produce long-term results, certain forms of manual stimulation may provide temporary improvement. The most commonly recommended process, referred to as the Hoffman technique, is sometimes even recommended to soon-to-be mothers in the latter stages of pregnancy as a way to prepare the tissues for breastfeeding.

   While some anecdotal evidence may suggest that manual stimulation can fix inverted nipples, permanent changes are unlikely

2. Suction Devices

Another non-surgical approach involves the use of a suction device on the nipple. The hope is to pull the nipple forward while keeping the rest of the areola in place. Many of these devices can be beneficial for women with inverted nipples who are having issues breastfeeding, as suction may help the nipple stay forward long enough for the baby to properly latch.

As with other manual methods, suction devices do not resolve any structural issues that may be taking place within the breast that cause the nipple to pull inward.

3. Surgical Correction

The only procedure known to produce permanent results for fixing inverted nipples is surgery. Through inverted nipple surgery, you can improve the overall aesthetic of your breasts while also allowing for easier breastfeeding after childbirth. Additionally, inverted nipple surgery may be combined with other cosmetic breast surgery to enhance your breast appearance as well as your confidence in a single appointment.

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3 Fixes for Inverted Nipples
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3 Fixes for Inverted Nipples
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