3 Benefits Breast Implants Can Offer

shutterstock_92583382Multiple studies have shown that women who have breast augmentation are overwhelmingly happy with their results and say that their breast implants enhanced their lives. Some of the benefits women report as a result of breast augmentation may surprise you.

1. Increased Self-Confidence

A staggering 92 percent of women reported a boost in self-esteem after breast augmentation, and 64 percent also reported an overall improvement in quality of life. Women who have gone years feeling their small breasts made them less sexy, not as feminine or physically disproportionate can feel liberated when they finally get the breasts they’ve always wanted.

2. Better Sex Life

The benefits of bigger breasts can also extend to the bedroom. After breast enhancement surgery, 61 percent of women say they have more frequently than they did before, and 70 percent reported being more satisfied with their sex lives. When you look good, you feel good. Women can feel so much sexier and more confident thanks to their more voluptuous curves, so they feel more comfortable letting go and enjoying themselves in intimate situations.

3. Expanded Wardrobe Options

If you’re unhappy with your small breasts, you may dream about how it would be to not need a padded bra or to be able to have sexy cleavage in low cut tops or dresses. From sexy bikinis to sheer lacy bras and strapless dresses, women with breast implants often feel their wardrobe options are dramatically expanded after breast augmentation.

If you’ve always wished you had larger breasts, there’s no time like the present to explore breast augmentation. Choose a plastic surgeon with the right combination of experience and bedside manner to help guide you through the process of selecting the right breast implants to meet your goals.

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3 Benefits Breast Implants Can Offer
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3 Benefits Breast Implants Can Offer
Board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist Dr. Alexander Nein lists three benefits breast implants can offer Nashville women.
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